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LEE has been a pioneer in denim production since 1889. Lee's roots lie in designing practical workwear worn by the rugged men of America. Cowboys, miners, railroad men toiled in Lee clothing. Blue denim that has stood up to everything is a proud heritage of the Lee brand. Now the brand uses it to make jeans, jackets, shirts and polo shirts. It also offers belts, winter jackets and entire clothing collections. Denim is the soul of Wrangler. The brand was originally developed as a cowboy outfit maker. Jeans, a jacket and a T-shirt were the basics, and the clothes stood out for their functional details. It all started in 1947 and the tradition continues to this day. The trends are adapted to modern looks, but the quality endures. Wrangler jeans are for people who need freedom and strength. Wrangler clothing can be likened to animal instincts - it's natural, wild, spontaneous just like the animals themselves. The jeans are meticulously crafted with the attention to detail that defines their iconic style. They are reliable and timeless. Wrangler is the original American denim brand that delivers innovation and authentic craftsmanship. The Vans brand is one of the largest manufacturers of skateboard footwear and fashion apparel. It has been on the market since 1965. Its traditional "old school" models have gone without significant design changes until today and continue to be successful. Vans is supported by a broad team of skateboarders who contribute to the design and the technologies used. Of course, Vans shoes aren't just for skateboarders. Thanks to their versatile design, they can be worn by just about anyone. To school, to work, for a walk in the city, a weekend at the cottage or on a date. The North Face® was founded in 1966 in San Francisco. What originally began as a retailer for extreme climbing and mountaineering gear became a creator and manufacturer of high-quality functional apparel and gear under its own brand in 1968. The North Face® - The North Face. It is considered among climbers to be the most accessible, icy and difficult face of any mountain. Those who climb the North Face must overcome numerous challenges on the way up, and so, over the 45 years since the company was founded, The North Face® has pioneered numerous innovations that have become established and, in the meantime, have come to be regarded as the standard.


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